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karl@vanbeek.co.nz - 022 16 700 48


           Who is vanBeek?

My name is Karl van Beek and I would like to be your photographer

I started working full time as a professional photographer when I returned to my hometown Hanmer Springs in 2009.

Over the past 8 years I have had the opportunity to work locally and abroard with amazing people, in incredible places, doing extraordanairy things in their lives. My speciality is working with people. 

Special occassions and big moments in peoples lives are exciting and as a photogoapher capturing those moments is always a thrill

                       Lets take photos!


Why Use Us?

Here's what I promise you,

- Fitting the photography to your wedding schedule so everything fits in perfectly. 

- To be social and engaging with your family & friends while seemlessly taking candid and posed photographs.

- The energy and passion to shoot high quality photos for 10+ hours. 

- Photos of your family and guests, not just you

- Using highest Quality cameras, lenses and computer software for taking and processing your photos.

- A sober driver with 3 seats for the Bridal Party photos. 4WD gets us anywhere we need to go! 

- To deliver on time, All contracts provide a timeline for delivery

and more.... advice, answering questions etc.  


For weddings in Hanmer Springs and North Canterbury

- I intimately understand the seasons, the climate, the best known and secret spots meaning you get the best locations. 

 If the weather is or isn't as expected, I always know where to go to make the most of it.

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